Associate Professor Gery Karantzas

Gery is a trained therapist in Integrative Behavioural Couples Therapy (IBCT). IBCT is one of the leading evidence-based therapies designed to help couples deal with their core relationship problems by using empathy, acceptance and strategies to improve the ways that partners connect and respond to one another. In addition to being a IBCT therapist, Gery is an Associate Professor in Psychology at Deakin University and founder of He is one of Australia’s leading relationship researchers and has over 100 research publications. Much of his research is funded by the Australian Government with a focus on understanding the individual and relationship factors that impact how couples and families deal with life stressors and ways to promote long-lasting and satisfying relationships. His research collaborations include working with some of the world’s leading researchers and therapists in romantic and family relationships. Gery is regularly interviewed by the media to provide expert comment on many relationship topics. Over recent years, Gery and Rita (Director of the Schema Therapy Institute) have formed a research collaboration along with Pam Pilkington (Australian Catholic University) to investigate how positive and negative relationship experiences impact the schemas (i.e., thoughts, ideas, and feelings) that people develop about themselves and others, and how these schemas affect personal and relationship wellbeing.

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Gery works at the Essendon office on Mondays from 9am – 2pm.