Certification in Individual & Group Schema Therapy

The Schema Therapy Institute Australia offers practitioners Schema Therapy training in Group & Individual Schema Therapy.  Workshops offered can count towards certification in Schema Therapy as they address the mandatory curriculum as outlined by the International Society for Schema Therapy for Individual and Group Schema Therapy; STI Australia’s training program has been accredited by the International Society for Schema Therapy.  Please see below for the Individual and Group Schema Therapy Workshop Series that provide trainees with the mandatory curriculum in didactic and dyadic hours:

Group ST:*

Workshop One: Group Schema Therapy The Basics (3 Days; 10 Didactic & 8 Dyadic)

Workshop Two: Group Schema Therapy Advanced Methods (3 Days; 9 Didactic & 9 Dyadic)

Workshop Three: Schema Therapy Self – Reflective Practise (2 Didactic & 4 Dyadic)

Individual ST:*

Workshop One: Schema Therapy for Chronic Mood and Anxiety Disorders (2 Days; Didactic 8 & Dyadic 5; Foundational workshop) (Video Preview)

Workshop Two: Schema Therapy for Trauma and BPD (2 Days; Didactic 9 & Dyadic 5; Intermediate Workshop) (Video Preview)

Workshop Three: Schema Therapy Advanced Techniques and Cluster C Personality Disorders (2 Days; Didactic 8 & Dyadic 5; Advanced Workshop) (Video Preview)

*Please note workshops are designed to build on one another.

Key Components and Requirements for the Training program for both standard and advanced certification in Individual Schema Therapy.

Please note for certification purposes formal workshops must include the following Didactic and Dyadic hours in total:

  • Total Didactic: 25 hours for Basic & Advanced Certification.
  • Total Dyadic (role plays): 15 hours for Basic & Standard Certification.

Please note self-therapy is also recommended and 3 hours of personal therapy are counted towards certification (self-therapy is mandatory for Group Schema Therapy Certification).

Standard Certification Supervision Requirements Individual Schema Therapy

  • 20 hours weekly or fortnightly ( + 2 tape ratings; One Independent Rater)
  • Supervision sessions must continue for at least one-two years on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to qualify for ISST Certification.
  • Tape submitted every 6-8 supervision sessions
  • 1 tape, accompanied by a case conceptualisation and session summary, to be rated by an independent advanced schema therapist and trainer at the completion of the 20 hours of supervision; minimum score for standard level competency is 4.0.
  • Candidates for standard ISST certification must treat at least 2 patients for a minimum of 25 therapy hours each, utilizing primarily schema therapy.
  • Minimum number of patient sessions is 80 for standard certification.
  • Therapists at this level are certified to practice Schema Therapy, participate in outcome studies, and to train and supervise other therapists at a basic level ONLY with the supervision of an Advanced level Trainer- Supervisor within an approved training program. They are not qualified to run a training program, rate sessions, offer supervision on difficult cases or provide supervision that qualifies toward certification hours.
  • Certification is granted after an application is sent to the ISST for final approval.

Advanced Certification Supervision Requirements Individual Schema Therapy

  • 40 hours (+ 4 tape ratings)
  • Tape submitted every 6-8 supervision sessions

What are the Benefits of Certification?

Certified Schema Therapists will maintain membership with the ISST, where they are distinguished from non-certified members for their competence in treating patients and for their eligibility to participate in research projects utilising schema therapy. Certification enables the following:

  • You may represent yourself as a Certified Schema Therapist with patients and other professionals this can also be advertised in brochures and marketing material.
  • Advanced level certification allows you to provide supervision for ST certification and apply to provide a certification training program in ST, so long as you adhere to all training, certification and post-certification criteria set by ISST.

You may advertise yourself on the ISST referral network (providing all membership fees are paid annually and requirement for ongoing education is adhered to). With your consent the ISST website will host your details and advertise you as a certified schema therapist which will allow for referrals and other professional opportunities.

The formal ISST Individual Certification requirements can be found here: 2021 ISST CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS (INDIV) V.2.0 (2).

All training and certification enquiries can be made to training@schematherapyinstitute.com.au

To be considered for certification please complete this Certification Application Document  and send through to training@schematherapyinstitute.com.au.

  • In order to increase accessibility a discount on training is available for eligible therapists in 2 categories
    1. Full-time Masters or Doctoral Psychology students
    2. “List B” countries in line with ISST recommendations
    Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam and Yugoslavia.

    Please email with proof of eligibility (for students: photo of current student card with full time status, for List B Country residents: copy of registration with country of registration) and details for accessing the discounted price will be provided.

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