Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects

Childhood Experiences and Beliefs about Self, Others, and Relationships

What is the research project about?

The project will explore the relationships between our experiences in childhood (e.g., how we were parented), the messages we take away from these experiences, and our romantic relationships in adulthood. Specifically, we are interested in the relationship between people’s core beliefs (early maladaptive schemas) and thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with romantic partners (attachment styles). We are also interested in the role of childhood experiences may play in how we view our selves, other people, and relationships.

Who is undertaking the research project?

This project is being conducted by Dr Pam Pilkington M Psych Clin PhD in collaboration with Associate Professor Gery Karantzas (Deakin University), Dr. Rita Younan (Schema Therapy Institute of Australia), and Ms Laura Knox (Deakin University).

To take part in this research please email