Dr. Bonnie Albrecht


Bonnie is a registered psychologist with endorsement in the area of Forensic Psychology. She has experience working with adults in hospital and community settings and is a registered supervisor currently supporting staff and trainee psychologists across these settings.

Bonnie is particularly interested in working with people who have experienced trauma, personality, or interpersonal difficulties, or who struggle with emotion and/or anger regulation. Bonnie also has expertise in treating addictive disorders.  She has undertaken training in individual Schema Therapy and is passionate about working within this modality and is working towards certification.

Bonnie uses schema therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), and acceptance and mindfulness-based approaches to tailor treatment to each client’s needs, goals, and preferences. She believes strongly in developing, with each client, a shared understanding of their experiences, and in working collaboratively to develop or enhance the skills or strategies needed to achieve their goals. She aims to provide clients with a safe and transparent space for therapy and welcomes feedback from clients about their experience working with her.

Bonnie works Thursdays from 8am to 2pm at the Drummond street location.