Group DBT Skills Training

What is DBT and DBT skills?

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is a long-term intensive treatment designed on the basis of dialectical and biosocial theory of psychological disorders, originally developed as treatment for individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, or chronical suicidality. The view of DBT is that emotions are brief, involuntary, and patterned responses to an individuals internal and external world. DBT skills differ from standard DBT as the aim of DBT Skills Training is to utilise the skills component of DBT to assist individuals to create changes emotionally, cognitively, behaviourally and interpersonally. The skills are designed to aid in impulse control, emotion regulation, self-image, and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Why do DBT Skills Training?

Group therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for a number of psychological problems and disorders.  DBT Skills Training differs to many other group therapies as it is not a process group that focuses on processing ones feelings. Rather, group DBT Skills Training is designed to provide individuals an opportunity to learn new more adaptive skills and ways of coping, utilising skills that have been taught. Think of it as a skills lab, where you are provided with techniques and tools to practice adaptive coping in your everyday life. Although DBT was originally created as a treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder, the research on DBT has grown significantly, with evidence indicating that DBT can be useful for a vast range of mental health disorders including anxiety and depression, as well as disorders that are characterised by impulse control.

What does the program actually entail?

The DBT Skills Training group at Schema Therapy Institute Australia, is an adaption of DBT Skills Training, that was developed by Marsha Linehan. The DBT Skills Training group runs for 8 weeks, integrating skills from the 4 key modules (Mindfulness, Interpersonal effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance). The aim of the 8 weeks is to focus on key skills/techniques for each module to assist group members to develop emotional awareness, as well as more adaptive coping skills. Individuals from 15 years old are eligible to be considered for the program.

Our Group DBT Skills Training is designed to be a one-off group, however, it is also an essential pre-requisite group for all individuals who wish to complete Group Schema Therapy at Schema Therapy Institute Australia. We recommend this as a pre-requisite as based on information from previous Group Schema Therapy participants, we have found that it is essential to learn effective and adaptive coping skills prior to completing the course.

The current DBT Skills Training group is a 12-week course that involves one session per week that is 120 minutes in duration. The face to face sessions are held on a Saturday and it is recommended that participants be engaged in their own individual therapy (although this is not essential; where available Provisional Psychologists on placement can provide individual therapy).  This group is also being offered online, please inform the group coordinator whether you prefer online or face to face.  

How much does it cost?

The cost for group is $120 for the 120 minute sessions. Participants who are in financial hardship can discuss a reduced fee during intake. Participants will be provided with a workbook and relevant handouts on a session by session basis. There is no initial assessment for the program, however it is expected that participants complete a detailed acceptance package that includes a life history questionnaire and an attachment questionnaire. Medicare rebates can apply to group for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. Participants may also be asked to attend a feedback session.

What will be asked of me?

You will be required to complete an assessment package that will be sent to you upon acceptance to the group to ensure the program is a right fit for your individual needs.  Participants are expected to attend all sessions.  Participants are also expected to do all in between session tasks that are set week to week.

When does it start?

The DBT program is run 2- 3 times a year.  The next DBT Skills Training group program will begin in March/April 2022 (numbers to determine start date/month).

Who runs the Group Program?

The program is run by registered psychologist Aisha Fayad and other experienced team members from Schema Therapy Institute Australia. 

How do I register?

Please register your interest by completing the form below or emailing:; Ms Jessica Alabakis is responsible for group intake and co-ordination and will handle your inquiry. 

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