Group Schema Therapy the Basics

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Group Schema Therapy the Basics

26 October 2017

stim-logoThe Schema Therapy Institute Australia is excited to host a series of workshops by internationally renowned schema therapists, Joan Farrell, PhD, and Ida Shaw, MA.


Group Schema Therapy was developed by Farrell & Shaw (1994, 2012). The GST model integrates their original group work with Young’s individual Schema Therapy (ST)(2003) & the ST outcome research of Arntz (2009).  GST strategically uses the therapeutic factors of the group modality to catalyze the work of schema mode change. GST is a unique approach to ST that goes far beyond traditional group therapy models; furthermore, it does not simply incorporate individual ST interventions into a group format, rather, has developed new adaptations of ST interventions for the group modality. The central idea behind GST is that the group members, with the guidance of the therapists, create their own “family” in which they add sibling socialization to the reparenting the therapists provide. As part of this group corrective emotional process patients do imagery and roleplaying exercises in which they take on the roles of each group member’s various modes (e.g., the Detached Protector, the Healthy Adult, Punitive Parent) and ultimately heal them.  The experience of ST in a supportive, validating group can directly impact and heal key schemas such as, abandonment, defectiveness, emotional deprivation, social isolation and mistrust/abuse. Like individual ST, GST improves: stability of self, interpersonal relationships, social, family, and occupational functioning and quality of life. There is considerable research now supporting the effectiveness of the GST approach, including empirical validation from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) (Farrell & Shaw, 2009) and pilot studies conducted in the US, the Netherlands and in Germany (Reiss, Lieb, Arntz, Shaw & Farrell, 2013). These studies demonstrated very large positive effects from even a short group treatment of thirty sessions.

GST was developed with BPD patients but like individual ST it is trans-diagnostic and adaptable to other personality disorders, complex trauma and other challenging populations as well as entrenched maladaptive schema and mode effects in any patients. The mode approach is an advantage of ST in the uncertain diagnostic time of DSMV.

This 3 day workshop on the basics of Group Schema Therapy counts towards certification in Group Schema Therapy with the International Society for Schema Therapy.

Course Content over the 3 Days includes:

  • Group Schema Therapy and its core interventions
  • Limited “family-parenting” for missed attachment
  • Demonstrations in how to work with child modes, coping modes, dysfunctional critic modes within a group setting.
  • The first two days are primarily didactic in nature were Professor Farrel and Ms Shaw demonstrate core Group Schema Therapy interventions whilst participants play the role of a patient.
  • Day three is focuses on fine tuning interventions, workshopping common difficulites and self-therapy (the experience of being in a ST group as oneself)
  • This workshop is part of the curriculum for ISST certification in Group Schema Therapy. You will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion that can be used in the documentation required for ISST Certification.
  • Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea provided.

About the Presenters

Joan Farrell and Ida Shaw are directors of the Schema Therapy Institute Midwest – Indianapolis. Joan is a licensed clinical psychologist, an adjunct professor of clinical psychology, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis and Research Director of the Center for BPD Treatment & Research, Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) & Eskenazi Health where Ida is Training Director. They regularly provide training internationally and are International Society of Schema Therapy certified Advanced Trainer-Supervisor in individual and group ST. Ida is also an ISST Certified trainer-supervisor in Child Adolescent ST. Joan is the ISST Coordinator of Certification and Training and has been since 2012. She was faculty in psychiatry at IUSM for 25 years – training clinical psychologists and psychiatry residents in Schema Therapy, Borderline Personality Disorder, trauma and personality disorder treatment. Both have worked with a wide range of trauma and personality disorder patients for over thirty years, including combat veterans, childhood sexual abuse survivors, accident and assault victims, patients with borderline personality disorder, avoidant PD and dissociative disorders and those with chronic or complex disorders in which trauma is involved.

Places are limited, please register as soon as possible to avoid disappoint.

Total cost is $899 (GST Inc).  To register by credit card please download and return the following payment gst-for-bpd-book-coverform: Workshop Credit Card Payment Form to to secure your booking or book via Pay Pal automatically online.

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    Oct 26 @ 09:30 am
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    Oct 28 @ 05:00 pm
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