Group Schema Therapy Beyond the Basics, Byron Bay, NSW, May 2019

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Group Schema Therapy Beyond the Basics, Byron Bay, NSW, May 2019

21 May 2019


stcliniciansguidebookcoverThis workshop fulfils part of the advanced level training requirements for certification in Group ST outlined by the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST). The two days of training attempts to address the three module requirements for certification including: Module one which focuses on interventions to get through the Maladaptive Coping Modes: including the avoidant and overcompensating modes and mastery of group empathic confrontation interventions; Module two which focuses on interventions for the Dysfunctional Parent modes and accessing the Healthy Adult mode; and module three which focuses on interventions to reach and heal the Child Schema Modes including group imagery rescripting, playful interventions and limited reparenting by child mode. Each module consists of equal parts of didactic with demonstration and practice with observation and coaching. Although the interventions are discussed in terms of their application in Group ST, many are just as applicable to individual and participants report their effectiveness in their individual as well as group work. Their second book The Schema Therapy Clinician’s Guide, Wiley 2014 provides an entire program of group and individual ST that is appropriate for brief 10-20 sessions or longer (1 year) outpatient and more intensive programs like inpatient and day therapy. It includes therapist scripts and handouts for 42 group sessions and 12 individual sessions. This ST program is adaptable for a variety of lengths and is transdiagnostic.  This two day workshop focuses on developing a 20 week protocol in delivering Group Schema Therapy for a variety of clinical presentations. 

About the Presenters: 

Joan Farrell is co-director of the Schema Therapy Institute Midwest – Indianapolis. Joan is a licensed clinical psychologist, an adjunct professor of clinical psychology, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis andResearch Director of the Center for BPD Treatment & Research, Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) & Eskenazi Health.  Joan regularly provides training internationally and is recognised by the International Society of Schema Therapy certified Advanced Trainer-Supervisor in individual and group ST. Joan has worked with a wide range of trauma and personality disorder patients for over thirty years, including combat veterans, childhood sexual abuse survivors, accident and assault victims, patients with borderline personality disorder, avoidant PD and dissociative disorders and those with chronic or complex disorders in which trauma is involved.

This workshop will be co-facilitated by Dr Rita Younan who is the only certified Group Schema Therapist Supervisor-Trainer with an accredited training program in Australia.  Dr Younan has been trialling a 20 week- group schema therapy model in private practice with the Medicare Model in Mind; data from this trial was presented at the ISST Conference in May 2018.  Dr Younan has been under the supervision and guidance of Professor Joan Farrell an Ida Shaw for over 5 years, she is on the Group Schema Therapy Committee of the ISST, Quality Assurance Group of the ISST and regularly runs training with both Joan and Ida on Group Schema Therapy.

Total cost is $999* and is GST inclusive. Please send expressions of interest for this training to; training will go ahead depending on numbers.

*Includes workshop catering and materials.

Please note cancellations can be made up to one week prior to the workshop otherwise the cancellation is 50% of the registration fee.  All cancellations incur a $50 administration fee. 

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