Group Schema Therapy: The Basics, November 2019 – Melbourne

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Group Schema Therapy: The Basics, November 2019 – Melbourne

06 November 2019

This 3 day Master Class gives you an opportunity to learn Group Schema Therapy and completes the training component of the Standard level international certification in Group ST approved by International Society of Schema Therapy.  The unique GST model integrates their original group work with Young’s individual Schema Therapy (ST) (2003) & the ST outcome research of Arntz (2009). GST strategically uses the therapeutic factors of the group modality to catalyze the work of schema mode change. GST is an innovative approach to ST that goes far beyond traditional group therapy models; furthermore, it does not simply incorporate individual ST interventions into a group format, rather, has developed new adaptations of ST interventions for the group modality. The central idea behind GST is that the group members, with the guidance of the therapists, create their own “family” in which they add sibling socialization to the reparenting the therapists provide. As part of this group corrective emotional process patients do imagery and roleplaying exercises in which they take on the roles of each group member’s various modes (e.g., the Detached Protector, the Healthy Adult, Punitive Parent) and ultimately heal them. The experience of ST in a supportive, validating group can directly impact and heal key schemas such as, abandonment, defectiveness, emotional deprivation, social isolation and mistrust/abuse. Like individual ST, GST improves: stability of self, interpersonal relationships, social, family, and occupational functioning and quality of life.  There is considerable research now supporting the effectiveness of the GST approach, including empirical validation from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) (Farrell & Shaw, 2009) and pilot studies conducted in the US, the Netherlands and in Germany (Reiss, Lieb, Arntz, Shaw & Farrell, 2013).



Dr Rita Younan is a clinical psychologist and director and founder of the Schema Therapy Institute Australia.  Dr Younan is certified in both Individual and Group Schema Therapy and has an accredited training program. In conjunction with Professor Joan Farrell and Ms Ida Shaw, Dr Younan implemented an inpatient and outpatient Group Schema Therapy Department at a private psychiatric hospital in Melbourne, Australia.  A feasibility study on the effectiveness of this treatment program was recently published in Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy.  Dr Younan works in private practice, using mostly schema therapy in both an individual and group setting and is involved in a number of research projects; she is also on the Group Certification Committee and Quality Assurance Committee for the International Society of Schema Therapy.


  • Start:
    Nov 06 @ 09:00 am
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    Nov 08 @ 05:00 pm

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    172 Buckley Street

    Essendon, Victoria 3040 Australia
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    0455 668 028