Schema Therapy for Chronic Mood and Anxiety Disorders Online Certification Training

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Schema Therapy for Chronic Mood and Anxiety Disorders Online Certification Training

06 October 2021

There is growing research on the effectiveness of Schema Therapy for chronic depression and some early work on other treatment resistant mood disorder presentations. This introductory workshop is offered ONLINE over 3 mornings and covers Schema Therapy formulation and treatment approaches for working with these presentations, including case studies, demonstrations and opportunities to practice skills.  It is the foundational workshop in the certification workshop series.
Specific topics include;
  • Schema Therapy models for Chronic mood disorders like Depression and Anxiety
  • Schema Therapy for other Chronic Axis I Disorders like OCD & Eating Disorders
  • Dealing with challenging client in session behaviours, like hopelessness
  • Experiential techniques to address early adversity and schema development
  • Assisting clients to build networks of support through behavioural pattern breaking
  • Schema Therapy Cognitive and Emotion focussed techniques for this client population
  • Schema self-therapy to avoid compassion fatigue
Facilitators are Dr Rita Younan and Ruth Holt, both Advanced Schema Therapists and Trainers in Individual Schema Therapy;
Ruth and Rita discuss the Vulnerability to Harm Schema a common schema found in Chronic Anxiety Disorders here:
Special Guest SUSAN SIMPSON (leading expert on Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders) discussing ST for Eating Disorders & The Over-controller Coping Mode which is common in Chronic Axis 1 Disorders. 

Training Dates and Details:

This training will be hosted by our Singaporean partners Elephant Therapy and Training, you can register here:

The workshop will be offered in October on Wednesday 6th, 13th and 20th.  Please note time differences. The workshop is due to start at 11.30am to 4.30pm in Melbourne.

Certification hours include: Didactic Hours 8, Dyadic Hours 5

Who is eligible to attend:
This training is for therapists who are registered with their professional body, including psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists. Please note that ISST certification has requirements, including minimum study requirements. Please go to the ISST website for further details. You may be asked to provide proof of eligibility upon registration.
For registrations outside of Australia:
The training will occur 11.30 am to 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time which includes participant interaction in the dyadic work, so please ensure you are able to attend as per below ISST requirements.
If you register for this training you agree to adhere to the Online Training guidelines stipulated by The International Society for Schema Therapy which includes the following:
  1. To be monitored when completing dyadic exercises as in live workshops
  2. You arrive on time and do not leave early (10 minute grace is acceptable)
  3. You do not engage in other activities that are not related to the training
  4. You are willing to make up for lost learning should there be a technological problem

  • Address:
    172 Buckley Street

    Essendon, Victoria 3040 Australia
    + Google Map
  • Phone:
    0455 668 028