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Schema Therapy For Couples, Melbourne

29 July 2020

Schema Therapy for Couples: 4 Day Certification Training with Dr Poul Perris & Ms Ruth Holt

Schema Therapy Institute Australia is delighted to support Poul Perris in coming to Australia to offer certification training in Schema Therapy for Couples, assisted by the lovely and talented Ms Ruth Holt.  Dr Poul Perris (MD), former ISST chair, founding member of the Schema Couples Therapy committee and renowned European Schema Therapy presenter. Poul is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Supervisor, is the Director of the Swedish Institute for CBT & Schema Therapy in Stockholm, Sweden. He was the Founding President of the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST) from 2008 to 2010, and served as President of the Swedish Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (SABCT) from 2010 to 2016. Poul was originally trained and supervised by Dr. Jeffrey Young in Schema Therapy and is certified as a schema therapist, supervisor & trainer for individuals and couples. He specializes in the treatment of personality disorders, and on couples therapy for complex relational problems. Poul has published a handbook on Schema Therapy (in Swedish), and also co-authored several chapters in English textbooks on schema therapy. Poul has been teaching and supervising cognitive behavioural therapists and schema therapists internationally for over a decade.  Poul will be assisted by Ruth Holt, Clinical Psychologist and Advanced Schema Couples therapist.

​​Training will cover all five modules required as part of certification with ISST as a Schema Couples Therapist (see below for full curriculum) including :

  • Understanding the Schema Therapy model as applied to couple presentations
  • Assessment techniques and measures
  • Schema Therapy conceptualisation of couples issues, linking childhood wounds and current couple conflict
  • Understanding and applying imagery re-scripting and mode work to de-escalate conflict and increase connection
  • Couples clash cards and schema healing interventions
  • Assessing passion, romance, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction
  • Working with complex couples issues, including affairs, sexual problems and personality disorder presentations

The workshop will be interactive, with input, demonstrations and opportunity to practice skills in a supportive environment.  This workshop is aimed at Therapists wanting to expand their Schema Therapy skills with couples and therapists who already work with couples and would like to have greater impact when working with complex presentations.

Location: Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria 3052. The Treacy Conference Centre is located  just 3 km from the the centre of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The closest airport is Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.
Price:  Early Bird $1100 (before January 31, 2020); Standard Registration $1300 (February 1 – May 31, 2020); Last minute $1450 (from June 1, 2020); Covers all materials and full catering
Please go to Schema Therapy Canberra to register or for all enquiries: to register 

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