Schema Therapy Retreat for Therapists

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Schema Therapy Retreat for Therapists

02 November 2017


Two Day Workshop

An important part of training for Schema Therapists is self-therapy to understand one’s own schemas and modes, the role they play in being a schema therapist and the impact of patients’ in triggering schemas and modes. Such self-awareness is critical to the genuine, open presence required by ST’s limited reparenting model; this is particularly important for therapists conducting group ST, as the impact of a number of clients at the same time can amplify therapists’ reactions and just being in a group can have triggering effects related to one’s family of origin. Self-schema therapy has personal benefits as well in terms of self-awareness and healing for one’s Vulnerable Child mode.

Joan & Ida spent two years as members of a self-therapy for therapists in their training and consider that experience critical to their understanding of themselves, their reactions when participating in a group and what clients experience. Participation in the workshop will add new interventions to use with clients and the deeper experience of ST from the “inside – out”. They believe that what one learns from this experience cannot be taught as effectively didactically, if at all. For that reason self-therapy in a group is a requirement for ISST Group Schema Therapy certification and this workshop fulfils that requirement. It can also be used to meet the three supervision hours credit allowed to meet individual ST certification supervision requirements. This day is appropriate for therapists new to ST and for those who are experienced with it.

Joan & Ida have facilitated self-therapy groups for over 30 years leading to their book Experiencing Schema Therapy from the Inside Out: A Self-practice/Self-reflection Workbook for Therapists, Guilford 2017.  The workshop begins with establishing safety and connection within the group and the agreement to keep confidential any personal material disclosed. Participants are encouraged to share as much or little content in the group as they feel comfortable with. They can choose to focus on a particular schema or mode issue that affects their personal or professional life or go into the day open to whatever experience they have. Just as they do with all groups, Joan & Ida assess the needs of the participants and plan the day’s work in collaboration with participants based upon the needs and modes present. The focus in the workshop is on experiential work including: exercises to identify maladaptive coping modes triggered in the group, awareness of the needs of your Vulnerable Child and self-care plans, further banishing work for the Demanding or Punitive Critic mode and evoking the Happy Child Mode to balance the hard work we do as therapists.

Workshop Costs, Inclusions and exclusions

This two day workshop will be held at the iconic Hotel Sorrento at the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.  Hotel Sorrento sits proudly on a cliff top overlooking the sparkling waters of Port Phillip Bay, one of the oldest commercial buildings in Sorrento.  Included in the price is three nights accommodation at Hotel Sorrento, arriving Thursday night and departing on the Sunday.  Participants receive a two-course dinner upon arrival on the Thursday evening and breakfast is provided every day.    Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea is provided at the workshop on both days.  Please note, those wanting to extend their stay, must contact the Hotel directly. Gym access is also included with the partnering gym at Hotel Sorrento.

This workshop accounts to 15 hours of CPD.  Self therapy is encouraged by the ISST for those seeking Certification in Individual Schema Therapy and is a certification requirement for Group Certification.  Three hours from this workshop can also count towards supervision in Individual Schema Therapy Certification.


**Please note that places to stay on site at Hotel Sorrento are sold out- there are only a few places left for the two day workshop attendance only but you will need to find nearby accommodation.  Please download the CC form below to register;  the cost for the two day workshop is $899 (includes workshop catering).

To register and pay by credit card please download and return the following payment form Workshop Credit Card Payment Form 3 to to secure your booking;

To avoid further disappointment please register as soon as possible; please note the weekend of the retreat is Melbourne Cup weekend and it is recommended that you secure accommodation as soon as possible.  

  • Address:
    172 Buckley Street

    Essendon, Victoria 3040 Australia
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  • Phone:
    0455 668 028