Sex & Schema Therapy

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Sex & Schema Therapy

08 February 2020

Sex & Schema Therapy with

Ms Ruth Holt

Advanced Schema Therapist Supervisor – Trainer Individual & Couples

Many, if not most patients, arrive in our rooms with an impaired sexual self. Sex can activate their Defectiveness, Mistrust/Abuse, Emotional Deprivation schemas and so they have learned to have “Detached Protector” sex, “Perfectionistic Over-controller” sex or “ Self-Aggrandiser” sex (to name a few!).
Others have used sex as a Detached Self-Soother/Stimulator for many years (for example problematic pornography use) and are not able to connect with the person in front of them. Still others have mode clashes operating in their relationships that spill over into the bedroom resulting in using sex as a weapon. This workshop will focus on how to assesses, formulate and build healthy adult sexuality in individuals and couples from a Schema Therapy perspective.
This One Day Introductory Workshop will Cover:
·       Using mode maps to formulate a client’s sexual self
·       Identifying schemas that are triggered by sexual intimacy
·       Imagery re-scripting 
·       Mode dialogues
·       Couples interventions to shift mode clash patterns
·       Practical tools to grow Healthy Adult sexuality
A working knowledge of Schema Therapy is essential for this workshop. If you haven’t completed any Schema Therapy training you are strongly recommended to attend the Chronic Axis I training or Schema Therapy for Borderline and Complex Trauma training .
*Cost is $250 Early Bird before December 30th for this one day workshop; $275 thereafter.  Refunds can be made up to one month prior to the event and involves a $50 administration fee.  Please note there is no catering provided.  There are limited places, so please register early to avoid disappointment.

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