Schema Therapy Institute Melbourne

Schema Therapy Institute:

This clinic will only have clinicians that work for Schema Therapy Institute providing both Individual and Group Schema Therapy.  Clients will be welcomed by warm administrative staff to help with their treatment enquiries.  The new space allows for an expansion of the group program with a group room on site.  I am so pleased that we will have a multidisciplinary team as part of the service including a consultant psychiatrist, occupational therapist and child and adolescent psychologist.  With these new members of the team we have additional expertise in Sensory Modulation for example and our psychiatrist has expertise in Eating Disorders and Trauma.   The space will also be offering Yoga and other holistic groups associated with mind, body connection and healing.



Schema Therapy Institute Melbourne
172 Buckely Street
Melbourne Victoria 3040
Phone: (03) 9331 2878
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